Frequently Asked Questions About Insurance
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How Can I Pay, and Pay Less, for Insurance?

By far, this is the number one insurance-related question asked by customers. It is one of the main reasons clients call Mountaineer Insurance Group, so we are happy to do our very best to get each customer the very best coverage at an affordable rate. You can pay for insurance by speaking directly with our friendly staff, either on the phone, in person in Fairmont, or through the mail. We accept payments via cash, credit card, or check. If you wish to pay in person, visit our office at 600 Gaston Ave. in Fairmont, WV. If you want to contact us based on your location, check out the phone number for your area on our contact page.

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Additional FAQs from West Virginia Clients

As insurance professionals, the friendly agents and staff at Mountaineer Insurance Group hear all types of questions about getting insurance in West Virginia. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) we receive:
Who Do I Contact for a Claim?
Who Do I Call to Report a Loss?
What Kind of Discounts Can I Get?
Is The General the Best Insurance Coverage?
Is Geico the Best Insurance Coverage?

Mountaineer Insurance Group has Answers to Insurance Questions in WV

For answers to these questions and a host of others, Mountaineer Insurance Group agents are waiting to speak with you. Call us for a quote anytime and ask us for answers to whatever insurance question you may have. We serve customers throughout West Virginia from our office in Fairmont, so give us a call and let us be of service to you.